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Therapy Apps Make Your Smartphone Even Smarter

Last Updated Oct 2012

By: Jeff Worrell

therapy appsToday, the internet and smartphones allow you to have access to information in an instant through the apps available that can be used in therapy. Years ago, when the internet was just starting to become available, smartphones were a figment of someone's imagination. It's hard to imagine that the primary way to find clinical reference material was to refer back to a textbook or dig through journals.

These technological advances can also help you become a better therapy professional by making reference materials available to you when you need it most.

A quick search on any mobile device app store will reveal over 10,000 apps in the Medical, Healthcare and Fitness categories. Physical therapy apps range from physiotherapy glossaries, videos showing proper exercise technique and clinical prediction aids. One of the leaders in the musculoskeletal smartphone apps arena is Clinically Relevant Technologies. Daniel Rhon, MPT, DPT, DSc, Chief Operating Officer at Clinically Relevant Technologies believes that technology, specifically therapy apps, can help healthcare practitioners improve their patient outcomes by having easier access to evidence-based techniques and diagnostic.

Clinically Relevant Technologies has developed several medical software applications to help physical therapists and other medical professionals diagnose musculoskeletal conditions and make decisions based on evidence-supported principles. Applications like the Clinical Orthopaedic Exam (CORE) serves as a therapy resource tool for diagnosing musculoskeletal and orthopedic disorders. The database features nearly 250 clinical tests with easy-to-follow instructions on how to perform the tests. Video demonstrations provide a visual reference for physical therapists. The application also has links direct to medical references for additional information. This application covers everything from tendinous to ligamentous problems for each body part.  

Updates are also provided when new tests are available. Rhon states “The CORE app helps physical therapists find and use the best test to determine the right diagnosis for patients.”

physical therapy appsOther applications developed by Clinical Relevant Technologies cover everything from clinical tests for musculoskeletal exams, low back pain management and spinal manipulation.  

In addition to serving as a clinical reference tool, several universities offer therapy students the choice of using the Clinically Relevant Technologies applications or a traditional textbook.

Aside from texting, tweeting, calling and playing games, your smartphone serves a lot more purposes than that. There's an app for everything, be it educational, financial, beauty, and yes, therapy apps as well that offers treatment in the palm of your hand. Therapists, which is your favorite app?

Learn more about CORE applications for the iPhone and other smart phone devices by listening to a podcast with Daniel Rhon, MPT, DPT, Dsc at

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