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Respiratory Therapy Article

22 Virtues of Respiratory Therapy

Last Updated Jan 2014

By: Rick Frea

respiratory therapyIn the past I had written about Ben Franklin's 13 Virtues to his success, and how he believed anyone who followed these virtues would be bound to successful lives. With that in mind, I've created a list of 22 virtues of  respiratory therapy. 

The following virtues, or personality traits, are required of all respiratory therapists:

  1. Empathy. You have to show some sort of understanding of what the physica therapist is going through.
  2. Priority. You have to be good at arranging tasks by priority.
  3. Acceptance. You have to be able to accept that of which you have no control over.
  4. Punctual. You have to pay strict attention to time, and never be late without good reason (yet you must never make excuses).
  5. Honesty. You have to prove to others that you can be trusted.respiratory therapy
  6. Transcendence. Going above and beyond the call of duty. Exceeding expectations.
  7. Political. Know when to speak and when to keep quiet and bite your tongue.
  8. Candid. You have to be open honest and straightforward with patients, doctors and nurses. This has to be balanced with political.
  9. Cooperation. You have to be able to work with a team to attain a greater purpose.
  10. Perseverance. Regardless of setbacks you trudge forward, even if your boss or a doctor scolds you, you don't let that set you back.
  11. Decisive. Coming to a quick resolution, answer or solution.
  12. Friendly. Get along well with people.
  13. Reliable. You are dependable to get your stuff done.
  14. Confident. Knowing what you know and not hesitating to do it or say it.
  15. Competent. Being efficient at the few tasks you're expected to perform.
  16. Creative. Ability to fix equipment problems in unique ways.respiratory therapy
  17. Insightful. Ability to see the unseen.
  18. Proactive. Ability to use unsightliness to solve a problem before it occurs.
  19. Observant. Ability to see what is obvious.
  20. Communicator. Ability to share what you know, learn and think.
  21. Listener. Ability to comprehend what other speak.
  22. Equanimity. You must be the calmest one in the room.

Word of the day: Pertinacious
Persistent, tenacious, unflagging and assiduous commitment; holding tenaciously to a purpose, course of action, or opinion

A pertinacious  respiratory therapist  is the one who gains the most respect.

About the Author: Rick Frea is a licensed and Registered Respiratory Therapist and author of the Respiratory Therapy Cave.  He provides some wonderful content for those in the profession of respiratory therapy, or those seeking to learn more about the profession.

Click here for more information and articles by Rick Frea.

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